About Mike Freed


Comedian, Attorney, Runner

Mike is a clean observational comic who counts as his influences  Demetri Martin, Steven Wright, Mitch Hedberg, and Jerry Seinfeld.  He performs regularly at the Comedy Zone in Jacksonville, Florida and at other clubs and venues nationally, having worked with other comics like Dom Irrera, Josh Blue, Taylor Williamson, George Willborn and Henry Cho who said of Mike, “He’s funny enough.”  Mike is a Jacksonville transplant from Washington D.C.  He is a father of five who became a comedian after rising to a level of success as both an attorney and an ultra-marathoner – mostly running to raise money for charity.  In other words, Mike has a short attention span.   His material is largely self-deprecating and draws on the trials and tribulations of being a little bald guy in a big person world and his role as a father, lawyer and a runner.  Mike’s material is fresh, regularly updated, sometimes intellectual and sometimes stupid, but always clever.  His comedy sets are fast-paced, provocative and engaging.  So, they are nothing like this biography.  He also is the Host of the “My First Rodeo” Podcast.

How would you describe your style of comedy?

Self-deprecating, like my life.

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