Can we be more specific?

So, I took my daughter to a state park today and I was telling her about the opportunity that we had to learn about flora and fauna given the signage along the nature trail. Then we came upon this sign: “exotic plants” as the Horticulturalist’s chosen signage overlooking about 1,000 green plants. Really?! Exotic?! That’s the best they could do? I could have come up with that one. Or maybe I would have said “Green Plants.” Either way, it would have given my daughter no more information than she could have pulled from her ear! Exotic is what you call something, or someone, when you have no clue what it is and (often because of a flaw in you) you don’t care – like “exotic nuts,” “exotic dancer,” or “Joe Exotic.” I know we can do better park service — though in fairness, your name isn’t very descriptive either — it sounds like you should be parking our cars, not labeling and maintaining our foliage.

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