The Peril of Good Credentials

I went to a highly ranked law school – Georgetown University — and am grateful for the opportunity and education. But…. the worst part about good credentials is that, for the rest of my life, every time I do something stupid – e.g., forget to pick-up one of the kids from day-care; leave the car running while I’m out for dinner (because I get confused by key-less cars) — I am subjected to “Didn’t you go to Georgetown Law School?” The implication being that the application process required a commitment to never be stupid, or maybe that Georgetown Law teaches you how not to be stupid in your personal life. If it did, I missed that class. I face the same phenomenon because I was an English Major in college. My children, therefore, are convinced that I should be able to spell any word, and are quick to retort when I struggle, “I thought you were an English Major” – as if majoring in English is one big spelling bee! So – be careful graduates to whence you matriculate — it can and will be held against you.

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