TV Cops Are Great At Hide and Seek

I have watched a lot of TV Cop shows during quarantine. One of my favorite parts of each show is how the police enter a bad guy’s home or hideout, split up and go from room to room with their guns pointed, shouting to each other…. “Clear” to report that there is no danger in the room. This raises a couple of related questions. First, do bad guys make no effort to hide? Would they simply be standing in the center of the room waiting or might they hide under a couch or behind a wardrobe? I ask this because the cops clear the room in a matter of seconds after taking what appears to this lay person to be only a cursory view of the premises. This leads to the second question? Are Cops just really good at hide and seek? Do they get training in that? Because that would explain how they can declare a room safe in a matter of seconds without looking under a single cushion or behind the drapes… Maybe they quietly shout “Olly Olly Oxen Free” and we just can’t hear them….

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